Thursday, July 8, 2010

Download Crystal Reports Runtime Merge Modules

Download Crystal Reports Runtime Merge Modules: HERE

If you are developing an application using one of the Crystal Reports SDKs for Visual Studio, you need to deploy the Crystal Reports Runtime on each computer where your application is expected to run. In order to help you easily deploy the runtime on any computer running your application, Business Objects provides a set of runtime packages, i.e. redistributables, implemented using the Windows Installer technology. These packages are implemented in the form of executable Windows Installer (MSI) files or Merge Module (MSM) packages.
The executable Windows Installer (MSI) packages can be used to directly deploy the Crystal Reports Runtime on the end user's machine, for supporting thick client desktop applications, or the web server, for supporting web applications built with ASP or ASP.NET. The MSI packages can either be manually installed on the target computer, or pushed to many client computers on the network by a network administrator. They can also be embedded as part of your application's setup in the form of a pre-requisite, custom action, or similar.
The Merge Module (MSM) packages cannot be used to directly deploy the Crystal Reports Runtime, but can be embedded as part of your application's setup. This method embeds the Crystal Reports components together with your own components in a single setup. When you install your application using such a setup, the Crystal Reports Runtime is installed along with your application.
The Windows Installer (MSI) packages are a better choice than the Merge Module (MSM) packages for redistributing the Crystal Reports Runtime to your users. One of the most significant disadvantages for using the merge modules is that updating Crystal Reports to take advantage of the new fixes requires you to rebuild and redeploy the setup for your own application. In addition, the MSI packages let you deploy Crystal Reports only once on the target computer and support any number of applications, without having to embed it in each application's setup separately.
This page allows you to download the runtime packages for various versions of Crystal Reports. You can click on the link for the version you use and select the appropriate package from the list to download it on your computer.